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About Me

Hi, I’m Rosie!

I’m 27 years old, and recently graduated from university with a degree in historical research.

I caught the genealogy bug from my parents when I was about 9. They had started researching our family tree and I got so interested that they taught me how to do some research of my own. I was given responsibility for one branch of the family and I learnt how to trace them in BMD records, censuses, parish registers etc. This was back in the early 2000s when there was very little in the way of genealogy records available online. I remember spending many hours with my mum at our local LDS family history centre in front of a microfilm reader, writing down every baptism, marriage or burial entry in the parish registers that might relate to our family. I remember the agonising wait for the microfilm we’d ordered to arrive, and the frustration when it had to be returned and knowing we probably hadn’t found all the relevant records!

Once the internet started becoming the genealogists playground, my research expanded to include all the branches of our family tree. I have spent the last 15 or so years collaborating with my parents to trace some branches back to the 16th century.

My research methods focus on utilising historical documents as sources, and trying to disprove a theory as much as trying to prove it! Over the last two decades I have learnt a lot of tips about genealogy and I hope that by writing this blog I can share them with you!

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